How to Refurbish Vintage Metal Filing Cabinets and Industrial Desks

The idea of keeping your vintage metal filing cabinets well organised, tidy and neat not only does it assist you to be more productive in every activity that you do but it also shows high a level of professionalism. Unorganized offices can make it difficult for you to do office activities but provided the right storage tools and layout you can maximize a small space to be highly productive. Vintage industrial desks have been used in many offices for many years.

When your vintage metal file cabinets get old they can still be useful. If you find an older metal vintage industrial desks and cabinets being sold in the market at a cheaper price it is good that you buy it and refurbish it. This is a thing that you can do at an office for a short period with a small amount of money. If you wish to buy these old vintage metal file cabinets and the materials that you need in refurbishing these cabinets you can look online as you will find the best companies.

There are specific procedures that you need to follow to refurbish these cabinets some of them are as follows:

vintage iNdustRial desks

Vintage Clean up

The first step to refurbish an old vintage metal filing cabinet is by pulling out its contents and start cleaning them one by one. You can use clean water, a sponge and a mild detergent to clean off any dust particles and spill that may be on the metal surface of the cabinet.

Removing Industrial Rust

Old vintage cabinets in many cases tend to develop rust spots. Rinse these spots in a gentle manner to remove flakes of paint and rust away but you should not scrub them. Leave the cabinet to dry before you apply naval jelly on the rust spots. These jelly tend to react with rust, stops it from spreading and removes completely. Wear clean gloves and start wiping off the jelly with a clean cloth and remove any flakes that may exist on the cabinet and vintage industrial desks.

vintage metal filing cabinets

Repairing and replacing Filing

You should remove the file drawers from the vintage cabinet; sometimes the may be missing some pieces of hardware that may require you to replace them. In some cases, you may get a cabinet that has all the vintage industrial desks and parts but they are too old such that it may force you to replace some of the parts brand new.

Painting the cabinet

While selecting the paint for your cabinet it is good that you choose one that matches the business values and beliefs. Bear in mind the cabinet size so as you can purchase enough paint that can allow you to paint the cabinet at least to times. Allow the paint on the metal surfaces to dry completely as it can take a small amount of time depending on the humidity and weather. When the paint is dry then you can replace all the hardware.

If you follow the above guidelines you will not have any challenge in refurbishing old vintage metal file cabinets. Try these and you will save a lot of money that you would have used in buying a new one. Find more like this online at Russell oak and steel.